Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A bit more on open offers..

I had recently written a post on the acceptance ratio in open offers and I got a lot of interesting feedback on the same on the blog as well as on email.
Someone claimed that there is nothing special or interesting in the actual acceptance ratio being so high vis-a-vis the theoretical acceptance ratio. Someone else thought that I have an itch to blog, which is why I have put up a useless post. :-)
Well, everybody has an opinion, which should be respected. But someone also suggested that a bit more details about open offers and the opportunity to earn in them would be helpful. I think thats a very valid suggestion, which is the reason for this post.
Even though I supposedly have an itch to blog, in this case, there is not much need for me to write about it. Kiran has already written on this topic in great detail. I would request that anyone who is interested in knowing more about open offer trades should go through the excellent post by Kiran. Kiran's post also contains a link to a word document, in which he has analysed the open offer in greater detail. Kindly go through the same too, I assure you that it will be extremely helpful.
After going through the same, I think you will appreciate the importance of acceptance ratio in open offers. And why the high actual acceptance ratio is actually such a big deal.
Hope this helped..
Cheers and happy investing!!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neeraj,

If possible please come up with a post for "Offer for Sale" with reference to any IPO.
I mean, a situation where we have both fresh issue and offer for sale. Ex- Just dial IPO.


Neeraj Marathe said...

Hi Nikhil,
I didnt get exactly what u want..i would analyse an IPO in similar way, irrespective of whether or not its a fresh issue or offer for sale. the post dilution valuations and prospects of the company matter..
i dunno if thats what u are askin, but u can email me bout the same, no probs.

Ayush said...

Itch to blog?? Can't stop laughing on this one.

It is actually a thankless job. Nevertheless, Neeraj, you are doing an excellent educative work!

Keep it up, Bose ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Neeraj

Can I have your mail id please. Seems as if you are more interested in calling me Nikhil rather than Nikhila :P


Neeraj Marathe said...

Hi ayush,
Really nice to hear from u, big Bose! :)
Howz life?

Hi nikhila,
Very sorry, my bad! Misread ur name.u can email me on


Rohit Chauhan said...

Hi neeraj
you should explain pointwise and step by step method on how to invest with very clear examples and then also give current example of what you are investing in

and you know even this may be hard work for me ...can you also call my broker for me to place my order so that i can make money off you and dont you dare loose that money for me !!! :)


Neeraj Marathe said...

Lol..hi rohit,
it is always, always sooooo difficult for me to recognise whether u r being serious or sarcastic. :-D

Ninad Kunder said...

In case you are doing that for Rohit, count me in too. I have been looking for such services for a long time. And I m dead serious here :)

Neeraj Marathe said...

Lol.. yaaa right doode.. :)

Anonymous said... service...please do add me too in the list Neeraj!


Neeraj Marathe said...