Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In a lighter vein..

The following post has a lot of entertainment value and should not be taken too seriously!!

BSE, NSE announcements are a great source of getting information and generating ideas. However, sometimes, companies come out with hilarious announcements. Check out this one from Madras  Fertilisers, which a reader shared with me..

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Who says auditors do not have a sense of humour!! :-)

Recently, I came across another, rather value-adding announcement, which is as follows:

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From this announcement, i learnt the following things:

  1. Numerology is important. 
  2. Numerology can be applied to alphabets also, even though they are not numbers. 
  3. A company can appoint a numerologist. So like a Company Secretary, there can be a Company Numerologist.
  4. The name of a company affects the performance of a company. So, probably, Microsoft will do better if its renamed Microsoftt.
A lot of my analyst friends applied their creativity to this event (ya, analysts can be creative and funny too!) and the following jokes started floating around..

  1. The company now has AA rating. They should further try for a AAA rating :-)
  2. Maybe they can add F in the beginning of the second word.
  3. The company people should consult a neurologist, before consulting a numerologist!
I think its obvious that I had nothing better to do today! But a bit of fun is always good..
And the market is one place where one can have lots of fun. Its never boring!

Cheers and happy (funny) investing!!

Disclaimer(s)!! (although I dont think they are necessary in this case!!)
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Austin Victoria said...

Good one doode! I am sure when MUKTAA ARTS come up with merger/acquisition/delisting will need the services of the numerologist to arrive at an auspicious figure !! lol

Anonymous said...

hahaahaaha...these two cases are nehle pe dehla!!! really a good 1

I read about Madras fertilizers earlier also, i guess it was you only who gave me the link. :)

Neeraj Marathe said...


Anonymous said...

Muktaa Farts Limited LOL super name

ZeeNut said...

Good one, Neeraj

Neeraj Marathe said...

Thank you Boscoji :-)

Sachin Dixit said...

Astrology dictates swearing in of new Karnataka CM. Likely to be sworn in tomorrow at "02.31 pm".

Pranav Pratap Singh said...

too good :-)